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With roots in Northern California and decades of exchange experience, Worldwide Farmers Exchange (WFE) has become a leader in J-1 visa sponsorship for international viticulture and enology training programs.

Offering either seasonal or year-long program options, these competitive placements match experienced international candidates with respected U.S. wineries and vineyards, with both hosts and participants sharing new techniques, traditional practices, cultural insights, and industry connections.

WFE Wine Hosts

WFE Wine Candidates

Our Testimonials

-Julieta, Argentina – Enology

Having the opportunity to work with a lot of different winemakers and wine varietals and getting to know other cultures has made me grow as a person. It’s gonna be very helpful in my future career. The experience has been above my expectations!

-Mario, Winemaker, Mazza Winery, PA

Interns from WFE have a more well-rounded skill set and more interest in gaining diverse experience. They’re young, fresh candidates who are genuinely interested in the industry. It feels good to give back and influence the next generation of winemakers.

-Erin, Director of Operations, Wine by Joe, OR

I highly recommend utilizing WFE for your J-1 visa needs. Hiring international interns can feel like a risk, but it’s hard to match the depth of experience, passion, enthusiasm, and motivation we find in those candidates. WFE creates a very streamlined and efficient process for employers, and unlike other programs, there are no fees charged to the winery! They are wonderful partners for this process.

-Jason, Winemaker, Whitehall Lane Winery, CA

Our international interns are INTO the industry and focused. With WFE interns, we can blend different cultures and celebrate wine, and it’s solid team building. International brand building is important, which makes this a marketing strategy too!