Travel and Reports

Travel and Reports


It is important that Worldwide Farmers Exchange be notified of travel plans so that the program can be validated and medical insurance can be arranged to provide coverage from arrival until a participant actually leaves the U.S. Failure to notify WFE of your arrival date can cause major problems with your visa status, insurance, your ability to apply for a Social Security number, and your ability to be paid by your host.  Email, mail or fax the forms below to let us know about your travel plans to and from your host. When possible, please send a copy of the full travel itinerary.

Travel Form Downloads

Program Reports

The U.S. State Department requires that a participant whose program is longer than six months submit two reports to WFE about educational and cultural experiences during the program. The first report must be sent to WFE six months into the program, and the second report must be sent before the end of the program. Participants whose program is six months or less need only submit one report before the end of the program. Reports should be made using a Trainee/Intern Report. WFE cannot issue a Certificate of Completion until reports have been received.

Report Downloads