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Barikisu Jangu

Completes Worldwide Farmers Exchange Internship, Pays It Forward in Ghana

A graduate of the University for Development Studies in her native Ghana, Barikisu Jangu began her internship with Worldwide Farmers Exchange in 2012 when she came to live and experience American culture, and train at Livingston Enterprises, a swine production facility Fairbury, Nebraska.

Bernard Opoku

Farmer and Entrepreneur
Native Ghanaian Bernard Opoku completed an internship with Worldwide Farmers Exchange between 2007 and 2009 while he was placed at Piliwale Produce, a Hawaiian farm in Kula, Maui.

Livingston Enterprises

Former Worldwide Farmers Exchange trainees Bienvenido De Guzman, Ruby Ruel Ocho, Adson David, Alfred Camalian, and Anthony Dizon made history when they completed their 2008 internships at Livingston Enterprises in Fairbury, Nebraska: they were the first five trainees from the Philippines to live and train in swine production.

Oleksandr Iver

Is a Man Who Loves Pigs

In nearly every picture we’ve seen of Worldwide Farmers Exchange trainee Oleksandr Iver, a pig always figures prominently. Sometimes he is holding them, sometimes he is hugging them, and, occasionally, he appears to be enjoying a good farmer-and-pig-style power nap.