Our Mission and Story

Our Mission

Worldwide Farmers Exchange (WFE) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization dedicated to teaching young people the skills they need to help improve agricultural production worldwide. By matching motivated farmers and agricultural students around the world with host farms and agribusinesses, our work-experience programs promote the value of shared knowledge and cultural experience.

Worldwide Farmers Exchange is a founding member of Grow Abroad World Alliance, which comprises 35 agriculture and cultural exchange programs from more than 20 countries. Grow Abroad has established standards for membership to ensure that participants are treated fairly.

As a Bridge USA designated sponsor, WFE is authorized by the U.S. State Department to issue visa applications for interns/trainees as exchange visitors. Sponsors screen and select prospective exchange visitors based on criteria set forth in the governing regulations.

Who We Are

Founded in California in 1952, the nonprofit Worldwide Farmers Exchange (WFE) is recognized as a forward-thinking leader in agricultural exchange programs. We have helped more than 10,000 interns and trainees from 75 countries gain hands-on experience in modern agribusiness practices, take home valuable career skills, and grow connections that last a lifetime.

Combining the benefits of paid training programs with the value of cultural exchange, WFE matches international participants with agribusiness hosts representing the full spectrum of production, including popular winery and vineyard opportunities.  While our goals are global, our approach remains personal. WFE maintains long-term relationships with our hosts and partners and pursues best practices that are both comprehensive and flexible, streamlining the experience for all parties. Our dedicated staff is invested in the success of each exchange, providing one-on-one support wherever needed and ensuring the cultural focus of our founding mission. 

We have earned a unique reputation in the field, requiring no upfront fees and providing all-inclusive services including:

Our Values

Growing Through Learning

Our primary goal is to facilitate hands-on training and skills development in agricultural fields that unite the world.

The Power of Exchange

Through international exchanges, we share working knowledge and cultural connections to create meaningful life experiences for everyone involved.

Staying Flexible

By maintaining customizable and adaptable programs, WFE can create better opportunities and deliver more successful exchanges.

Make it Personal

People make the difference, whether it’s our participants, hosts, partners, or WFE employees. We value communication that is personal, responsive, and empathetic.