Oleksandr Iver

Is a Man Who Loves Pigs

In nearly every picture we’ve seen of Worldwide Farmers Exchange trainee Oleksandr Iver, a pig always figures prominently. Sometimes he is holding them, sometimes he is hugging them, and, occasionally, he appears to be enjoying a good farmer-and-pig-style power nap.

There is just no denying it: Oleksandr Iver is a man who loves pigs.

Born and raised in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Oleksandr was 24 years old when he began a WFE internship in 2012 in Blue Hill, Nebraska on a family-owned swine farm consisting of a 54,000-head nursery site and an 8,640-head finishing site.

During his WFE internship, he learned how to both produce and finish swine for market. Some of his key training activities included tasks related to feeding, reproduction, disease monitoring, prevention of infections, administering vaccinations, and tending to animals daily.

Prior to his WFE internship, he trained in Denmark for 18 months as part of another training program.

Now back in Ukraine after completing both programs, Oleksandr credits his internships with opening new opportunities to him in the swine industry. He is eager to implement all that he has learned as he continues to advance in his career.

Oleksandr hams it up with one of his charges.
After a hard day’s work, Oleksandr and his giant pig friend curl up for a quick power nap.
Kalyta Albina, who is a veterinarian, came with her boyfriend Oleksandr to Worldwide Farmers Exchange in 2012. Kalyta, like Oleksandr, also completed an 18-month internship in Denmark…and she clearly shares her beau’s love of pigs.