Host FAQs

Intern/Trainee FAQs

You will need to pay for

  • Program fees to WFE (see Program Fees)
  • Visa processing fees (about $400)
  • Travel costs
  • Co-pay for medical treatment in the U.S. ($50-100 in some cases)
  • Partner fees (amount varies, paid directly to WFE Partners for their services)

WFE is required by the U.S. State Department to have cooperating partners, when possible, to assist in screening and preparing candidates for visa interviews. WFE can only accept applicants from co operating partners in most countries. Cooperating partners may charge a fee for their services. If you need help finding a partner, ask WFE.

Connect with a partner before submitting your application here.

No, WFE does not charge a fee to apply for the Program.

As part of the WFE Program, the following items are included in the Program Fee:

  • Practical training and cultural experience with a U.S. agribusiness
  • J-1 Visa sponsorship
  • Housing (General Agriculture Program only)
  • Medical insurance coverage during your program (excluding co-pays)
  • A wage or stipend of at least $1400 per month (as disclosed in the DS-7002, may be subject to deductions)
  • Tax return assistance through Sprintax (if required)

The process can take weeks or months before an applicant is accepted and able to travel. WFE accepts applications and makes placements year round. The process is explained in more detail in our Agriculture Program and Wine Program pages. Generally, we estimate between 8-12 weeks from application to visa issuance.

The maximum program length with WFE is 12 months. Wine programs usually last 3-4 months. The DS-7002 and DS-2019 forms show the confirmed program dates. There is a 30 day grace period before and after the program, according to the program dates on the DS-2019. View more information about the DS-2019 or the visa expiration date.

WFE has hosts in a wide variety of agribusiness types including wineries, country clubs, swine producers, grass seed farms, dairies, and greenhouses. WFE has hosts all over the U.S. WFE is committed to facilitating internship/training opportunities in a wide range of categories and climates.

The J-1 visa requirements for the WFE Programs are listed here. WFE can sponsor either intern or trainee category visas.

Worldwide Farmers Exchange is financed by program fees and charitable donations. Fees are paid by participants either directly to WFE or through the host.