General Agriculture

Share. Learn. Grow.

Worldwide Farmers Exchange’s (WFE) agriculture program offers a mutually enriching experience. Global participants receive paid hands-on training. Agribusiness hosts work with knowledgeable and motivated interns and trainees. In the process, everyone shares the skills, practices, and cultural connections that last a lifetime.

General agriculture opportunities

We match qualified international participants and exceptional U.S. hosts in more than 90 categories, including:

How We Work

WFE enlists a collaborative approach and proven practices to ensure a mutually rewarding exchange experience. Building on more than 70 years of agriculture partnerships, our services are both comprehensive and customizable.

Our General Agriculture opportunities operate on a 12-month J-1 visa program with year-round placements. Participants receive program sponsorship, J-1 visa application processing, WFE staff support, housing, a $1,400 monthly stipend, medical insurance, and tax return assistance.

WFE hosts work with qualified candidates vetted through our international partners and receive one-on-one support from WFE staff.

WFE Hosts

WFE Candidates

Our Testimonials

-João, Brazil – Greenhouse

I noticed a big leap in my English speaking abilities and learned a lot about production and all the small details in the process. In addition, the many skills and techniques that I acquired during my training time surely are gonna be helpful in a future job. The program overcame my expectations!

-Raynold, Eswatini – Turf Management

My experience has superseded my expectations as I have learned a lot in such a short period of time. I believe that wherever I go from here, I'll be able to adapt, share my knowledge, and work well with others as part of a team.

-Daylin, Guatemala – Livestock

For me, it is a quality program that helps us to get to know the cultures of the different countries as well as learn both from them and from the other interns. It enriches our professional lives.mThank you for the opportunity you have given me, I appreciate it!

-Jerson, Guatemala – Crops

I have learned a lot, and I have obtained knowledge that will undoubtedly be useful to me when I return to my country. I really liked the culture, such as the sincerity of people, the value of always telling the truth, and the dedication and effort that many Americans put into their work, like my hosts. I also liked the order, cleanliness of places, the security that you feel when walking through the streets, and the coexistence that we have had with my hosts and the trainees from other countries.

-Gabriel, Brazil – Greenhouse

The program has helped me a lot in my personal and professional development. Living in a country with a different language has been quite challenging, and living with people from different cultures has opened up my view of the world.

-Rafaela, Brazil – Greenhouse

Surreal! Every day I learn something new! Most of them are kind, and seeing how patriotic they are leaves me dazzled. I went and was very well received in the United States.

-Edwin, Guatemala – Livestock

Thanks to the experience obtained in the program, I have the opportunity to obtain a fairly good job! The experience in America has a significant weight in my experience as a professional. Without hesitation, I can say that I am satisfied and the friends I made here in the United States I will remember forever.

-Karen, Brazil – Greenhouse

I started living with people from another country and I discovered what it’s like to feel an earthquake, and I saw some amazing places! Now the ‘American’ things that I only saw in the movies are becoming part of the routine. Most of all, I have discovered myself!