Program Fees

Program Fees

Worldwide Farmers Exchange charges no application, membership or other fee to hosts or applicants, except those listed here. WFE charges participants the following program fees:

General Agriculture Program

$500 per month, prorated on a daily basis (paid directly to WFE or through host)

Wine Program (Viticulture & Enology Program)

$1,850 (for up to 6 months) paid in two installments:  $1000 upon confirmation of placement, $850 upon visa issuance.  If visa is denied, $770 of initial $1000 fee will be reimbursed.  $230 will be retained for SEVIS fee payment and document shipping expenses.

Participant Fees

The program fee covers the following:

  • Visa document processing by WFE (including DS-7002 and DS-2019)
  • Medical insurance while the participant is in the U.S., beginning on arrival (up to 30 days before the program starts) and ending when the participant leaves the U.S. (within 30 days after the program end date)
  • Preparation of federal and state income tax forms (if necessary)
  • SEVIS fee  (Viticulture & Enology interns ONLY)

Because of a private tax ruling, participants receiving stipends from WFE are not subject to income tax and do not need to file tax forms.

General Agriculture Program participants receiving stipends from WFE have their program fee included in the invoice to the host, who pays the fee to WFE on behalf of the participant. General Agriculture Program participants placed on the host’s payroll must authorize the host to make a payroll deduction for the fee or will be sent an invoice monthly by email.

Host Fees

WFE charges no program fee for hosts, but WFE will invoice General Agriculture hosts whose interns or trainees receive a stipend for the value of the benefit from training or internship and a participant’s program fee. Some hosts using the payroll system pay some or all of the program fee on behalf of the trainee/intern.

Fees current as of June 22, 2018.