Barikisu Jangu

Worldwide Farmers Exchange Internship, Pays It Forward in Ghana

A graduate of the University for Development Studies in her native Ghana, Barikisu Jangu began her internship with Worldwide Farmers Exchange in 2012 when she came to live and experience American culture, and train at Livingston Enterprises, a swine production facility Fairbury, Nebraska.

Described by her hosts as “one of the sweetest, kindest people you will ever meet,” Barikisu was recommended to the program by Patrick Bandanaa, a former WFE trainee who also completed training with Livingston Enterprises in 2010, and who now works for Ghana’s Finance Ministry.

Former Worldwide Farmers Exchange participant Barikisu Jangu

Barikisu Jangu (far left) bowling with with other interns and company staff in Fairbury, Nebraska.

Barikisu’s primary goal as a WFE participant was to learn everything she could in America during her internship, return to Ghana, and teach agriculture. She is doing just that. Today, Barikisu is an agricultural extension officer focused on outreach to women farmers in Ghana. Her job takes her by motorcycle to various parts of the country to help women farmers strategize, plan their farms, improve production, and optimize logistics. She also works to address the specific needs and challenges of women farmers throughout Ghana, listening to their concerns and advocating on their behalf.

Former Worldwide Farmers Exchange participant Barikisu Jangu (on right) works as an agriculture extension officer with the Ministry of Agriculture in Ghana, where she focuses on outreach to women farmers.

The best part? She says she absolutely loves her job and that her experience with Worldwide Farmers Exchange gave her the confidence and skills to meet any challenging task. What’s more, she claims that interacting with all of the different cultures during her internship in Nebraska significantly improved her interpersonal communication skills.